Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Give us a break … from our kids!

More want child-free holidays!

After a survey found that stressed-out parents increasingly prefer holidays without their children THOMSON's, the holiday company, is to expand its Couples collection.

The research revealed a 46 percent rise in bookings in its Couples collection in the last two years. Over 34 percent of parents of children under 18 already take child-free holidays, leaving the children with their ex-partners or other family members. Of those who currently holiday with their children, 57 percent said that given the chance, they’d go away without them.
Shared parenting between divorced and separated mums and dads and hands-on grand-parenting are also on the rise, allowing adult tourists child-free time to holiday with friends or a new partner.
Of those surveyed, 43 percent said that they chose child-free holidays to spend more quality time with their partners, and a further 34 percent said they needed a rest from family life. Nearly 55 percent said they enjoy the calm and quiet of an adults-only holiday, and nearly one in three confessed that they don’t like other people’s children.

A Thomson executive said: ‘Family holidays are undoubtedly a great way to spend time together, but even the most dedicated of parents need time away from their children sometimes. An adults-only holiday can allow couples to re-connect with each other and have a well-deserved break.’

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