Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Travel light to avoid lost luggage stress

A TRIPADVISOR poll reveals that almost half (47%) of British airline travellers have experienced losing their luggage.

Although lost luggage is a fairly common occurrence for Brits, the reassuring news is that of those who have experienced lost luggage, 94% had it returned and 66% said that they got it back very swiftly.

Says Katherine Clark, regional business development director for TripAdvisor: ‘It is always a stressful experience when you lose your luggage, but there are steps you can take to increase the chances of it being returned quickly and safely. A good tip is to photograph your luggage on your phone before you check it in. That way if you lose it, you have a photo that the airline can use to help identify it.’

Her other tips:

· Make sure you add your own luggage label; some airlines provide these at check-in, but it’s a good idea to invest in a sturdier version and ensure it’s on your bag before travel.

· Put your name, address and contact details on a sheet of paper inside your bag as a back-up.

· Tie a ribbon to the handle; not only will this help you identify your bag at reclaim, it could also help the airline return your bag

· Travel light; who wants the pain of waiting for bags and the possibility of losing them when you can pack what you need in your hand luggage?

· Insurance; unfortunately, it’s a fact that bags do sometimes go missing. Always travel with insurance and make sure you inform the airline as soon as you know the bag is missing.

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