Thursday, 1 June 2017

Lower your voice . . .

AS Brits holidaying abroad, it’s true to say we have long-suffered a poor reputation amongst our European neighbours.

Whilst it is true that only a small percentage of individuals are responsible for the tarnished reputation of ‘Brits Abroad’, travel site has discovered that this status has perhaps even taken its toll on other Brits over the years, as many of us now shy away from other Brits when travelling overseas.
Surveying British attitudes, momondo discovered that for 32% of us, if we hear someone with a familiar British accent while travelling abroad, we will only talk to them if they initiate contact. Furthermore, 15% of us will simply smile but not initiate contact, and 6% of us will even go so far as to lower our voices, so the other person doesn’t know we are from the same country.

Additionally only 15% of Brits surveyed will start a conversation with a fellow British traveller when on holiday, and only 14% of us prefer it when there are many tourists of their own nationality at their chosen travel destination

Also 5% of Brits admitted to avoiding fellow compatriots abroad, as they prefer to talk to locals, while 3% of multi-lingual Brits will quickly switch to another language, so fellow Brits won’t know they are from the same country.

Finally 19% of us prefer it when there are many tourists of other nationalities at our destination.

Neil James Cartwright, spokesperson for momondo comments “We Brits have a fair way to go still, in terms of earning back a shining reputation of being perfect travel guests to other nations. Too often the small minority of drunk, trouble-making Brits hit the headlines, when we know the majority of British travellers are perfectly delightful.

“We urge all travellers to stay unprejudiced about all nationalities. Travel should be about learning and engaging, and this can only be done with an open mind. Our DNA journey campaign last year proved we have far more nations in our ancestral DNA than we usually imagine, which makes being tolerant and liberal when we travel even more imperative,” concludes Cartwright.

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