Sunday, 30 November 2014

Travel trends, as seen by Lonely Planet

TRAVELLERS will favour face-to-face recommendations instead of online reviews, according to Lonely Planet. Holidaymakers will also demand more ‘unplugged travel’ and secret escapes as the pace of modern life continues to get faster.

Top of Lonely Planet’s list of predictions is that travel will soon become fully integrated into our lives as opposed to a special event. The increasing volume of commercial flights has brought a large shift in travellers’ mind-sets and Lonely Planet argues the concept of travel as a rare treat is disappearing, replaced by travel as a lifestyle choice.

Lonely Planet also predicts that green travel is on the rise as a new generation of travellers builds sustainability into every step of their journeys.

Sourcing online reviews remains second-nature for travellers, but hunger for local secrets is emboldening them to embrace face-to-face or local recommendations. Lonely Planet experts suggest online reviews will remain part of a traveller’s toolkit, but a local recommendation – whether from a taxi driver or in-the-know cafĂ© owner – has never been more highly prized.

The pressures of modern life are also recognized, as Lonely Planet expects an increase in ‘unplugged travel’. With no e-mails or mobile signal, guests can immerse themselves in their destination and truly forget about work and everyday life.

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