Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Jordan hopes to attract Brits with six-month campaign ‘There is nothing to worry about in Jordan’ – Tourism chief

JORDAN’S tourist board is planning a six-month campaign intended to combat what it believes are ‘misconceptions’ about the destination and to attract Brits to the country. 

The board is investing a six-figure sum in the campaign, which will run major UK cities including London and Manchester. 
More than 40 taxis branded with Jordan's campaign messages will be on London’s streets, as well as 100 buses, digital panels and LCD screens in underground and train stations. 

Much of the campaign will be linked to Hollywood movie #TheMartian, which was filmed in Wadi Rum in #Jordan.

Adel Amin, director of marketing at the tourist board, said the campaign aimed to highlight the differences between Jordan and other nations. He said problems in Syria and Egypt had caused a negative effect, with tourism numbers slipping.

Amin said the campaign would ‘destroy any misconceptions’ people had about Jordan. ‘They will show the variety of holiday types available in Jordan and that it's business as usual … there is nothing to worry about in Jordan,’ he said.

The UK is Jordan's biggest source market in Europe and second biggest worldwide after the US.

Mr Amin added: ‘The campaign is designed to show Brits what the country has to offer, and inspire them to visit, as well as extend support to you, our trade partners. The campaign will highlight areas such as Petra, The Dead Sea, Wadi Rum and Aqaba. Our objective was to create desire and intrigue through a combination of thought-provoking headlines and stunning visuals.

‘With so many beautiful locations, we decided to create separate creative treatments, enabling us to really do justice to each stunning location within Jordan.’

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Picture Credit: Jordan tourist board

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