Monday, 16 April 2018

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INTELLIGENT robots often play key roles in futuristic science fiction films, TV series and novels. Those science fiction scenarios are quickly becoming a part of today's real world with what seems like a daily release of a new product or gadget that relies on artificial intelligence. One area which is garnering increasing attention is autonomous or robotic luggage.

Airwheel recently launched the Airwheel SR3, a smart robotic suitcase with a host of helpful features including auto-follow, intelligent obstacle avoidance, a removable battery, an anti-loss alarm and mobile remote control. The smart piece of luggage, which comes equipped with visual tracking and sensor technology, can accurately identify its owner with real-time visual recognition and tracking algorithms and switch into auto-follow mode, while avoiding obstacles with sensor aids, in much the same way as a pet following its human owner. The suitcase's smart features can be put into action by pulling out the extendable intelligent recognition rod and switching the power on.

The Airwheel SR3 comes with multiple sensors including a camera, radar and an ultrasonic receiver coupled with simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology as well as visual recognition and detection algorithms, so that it can instantly identify, lock and follow the user, allowing hands-free transport of the suitcase.

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