Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Holidays for sun, sea and …

IN a survey by and Northstar Research, 80 percent of Americans said that holidays make them happier than marriages, religion, cats and birthdays. Eighty-two percent get more pleasure out of vacations than possessions, and 94 percent would give up at least one of life's "prized possessions," including alcohol, video games, chocolate and favourite clothing for an entire week in return for a single extra vacation day.

Vacations charge the American libido, according to the survey. Ninety-three percent report being at least "somewhat likely" to be intimate on holiday, while forty-eight percent say they are "more likely" to be intimate with their spouse or partner on holiday than they are at home. Seventy-seven percent report that vacations are important to the overall health of the relationship with their spouse or partner.

The single most prevailing charm of vacationing is the ability to do nothing at all. Seventy-four percent of Americans prefer relaxation to adventure on holiday, with four in ten citing "relaxing, doing nothing" and "not having a set schedule" as their favourite vacation feature.

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