Monday, 28 April 2014

Get the city in focus

EVER wondered why your holiday photos of Barcelona, Orlando, Venice or London turn out to be, well, just decent snaps instead of the powerful works of art you’d envisaged?

The Jessops Academy City Tours photography course might be the answer. The one-day workshops are designed to help photographers in both the creative and technical fields. After each image is shot, the trainer provides instant feedback and assistance with adjusting composition and exposure to get the very best from the equipment and the surroundings.

Topics covered include:
·         How to preview and control depth-of field (aperture)
·         Effective use of tripods and supports
·         How to use wide-angle lenses
·         Creative use of white balance and picture styles
·         Composition for people and architectural photography

The£119 course is currently available in the Manchester, Birmingham, Bath, London, Cardiff, Belfast and St. Albans.

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