Monday, 28 July 2014

Where to go for euro-fling

A POLL of 53,400 European men and women commissioned by on-line travel planning platform GoEuro reveals the nationalities of dream romantic partners if citizens of France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the UK had the option to seek 'lurve' beyond their own borders.

In the survey, respondents were presented with six major European countries and asked to select their preference in terms of a partner for a date.

Perhaps surprisingly, French women rated Brits as the nationality that they would most like to date, with 32 percent of French women aspiring to date British blokes. As the preferred date for French men, British women polled second only to Spanish women.

Results from The Netherlands also presented good news for Brits seeking a date. After the French, the Dutch are the Europeans with the greatest interest in dating Brits.

The British fondness for Mediterranean vacations could be influencing our tastes when it comes to dating foreigners, as Spanish and Italian dates were the first choices of British men and women. The French are the third most desirable nationality for Brits to date. The fourth highest rated European nationality Brits want to date is their old rivals … the Germans.

The study’s most popular demographic overall was Spanish women, with the men of five nations – the UK, Germany, Portugal, France and Italy – naming them as their first choice for a date with a woman of another European nationality.

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