Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Bermuda open for business

WITHIN 24 hours, #Bermuda had bounced back from one of the strongest storms in the island country’s long history. Hurricane Nicole, a dangerous Category 4 storm, hit Bermuda Thursday, October 13 toppling trees, flooding neighbourhood streets and knocking out power to 90% of the island. However, strict building codes and a tireless commitment to hurricane preparedness paved the way for a wide-ranging recovery effort immediately following the storm.

“Bermuda bounces back quickly from storms thanks to a community spirit that is evident island-wide. Hospitality is in our blood - we take care of our visitors on-island and are ready to welcome new visitors from our airline and cruise ship partners, said Victoria Isley, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. “Bermuda is on track this year to welcome the most visitors to the island since 2008 – and to be back online within 24 hours of such a major storm is a testament to Bermuda’s dedication to visitors.” For example, hotels such as the Fairmont Southampton and Grotto Bay entertained guests during the storm with a Hurricane Party and Rum Cake Bingo respectively. The Hamilton Princess was fully operational through the storm, including Marcus restaurant. And planes touched down in Bermuda Thursday, October 14 with new visitors ready to soak up island life in Bermuda.

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Picture Credit: fermicat www.flickr.com/photos/85879122@N00/29082205646 Rainbow!  via photopin.com

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