Friday, 16 December 2016

Lascaux 4 opens to the public

THE Montignac-Lascaux International Parietal Art Center (, also known as #Lascaux4 has opened to the public.The Center could become the leading tourist attraction and cultural tool associated with Lascaux's world-famous painted and engraved #cave art.

A new and complete replica of the Lascaux cave will be the beating heart of the Center, a sizable complex that uses new imaging and virtual technology for comprehensive interpretation purposes. 

On September 12, 1940, on the hill overlooking Montignac village in Dordogne #France, four teenagers made one of the 20th century's greatest archeological discoveries: a cave filled with prehistoric paintings and engravings. After the Second World War, this Lascaux cave was fitted out for tourist exploitation and one million visitors took it in between 1948 and 1963.

The paintings started to deteriorate and in 1963 Lascaux was closed . In 1979 it was listed as a World Heritage Site. By 1983, after more than a decade of hefty investment and stop-and-start work on a facsimile of the original cave, Lascaux 2 welcomed its first tourists. Since its opening, nearly 10 million people have visited. But with many million more unable to reach Montignac, a traveling version of parts of the cave (Lascaux 3) was constructed and began an international tour. Today, the Montignac-Lascaux International Parietal Art Center, or Lascaux 4, is the culmination of a major effort to expand protections to the whole Lascaux hillside and its surrounding environment.

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Picture Credit: By I, Peter80, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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