Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Middle-earth tourism in New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND is celebrating 15 years as the home of Middle-earth and Tourism New Zealand says the magic is as alive as ever with record numbers of international visitors lining up for a Hobbit experience.

Figures released in the latest International Visitor Survey findings from MBIE for the year to September 2016 show one in three international tourists, about 437,000 people have some kind of Middle-earth experience here and nearly one in five claim the #Hobbit is a factor in choosing to visit #NewZealand. 

Sir Peter Jackson says that since the release of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 15 years ago nothing has changed- New Zealand is and will always be the real Middle-earth.

“New Zealand has such a variety of landscapes from lush green forests, to soaring mountains. The grandeur of these landscapes saw tourists flock to our shores, and made a huge impact on the #tourism industry.

New Zealand is the perfect Middle-earth and a real place that visitors can experience for years and years to come.” Jackson said.

To celebrate the 15 year milestone, Tourism New Zealand has developed Middle-earth travel, an online quiz that lets consumers see which character they are most aligned to: a Dwarf, Elf, Wizard or a Hobbit. They are then provided with a character-inspired itinerary for their journey through New Zealand. The quiz and itineraries are housed on tourism New Zealand’s website,

Find out which character you would travel through the real Middle-earth as take the quiz:

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Picture Credit: Daniel Peckham New Zealand Foggy Golden Sunrise via photopin, Christopher Chan Hobbit Hole, The Shire via photopin

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