Monday, 24 April 2017

Quirky Queensland

IMMERSE yourself in the weird and wonderful whilst in #Queensland. 2017 in Queensland has some of the most unusual and unique #events on its calendar so get ready for some fun and laughter whilst on your travels.

The Great Wheelbarrow Race, Mareeba, May 19-21
A tough 60-kilometre race is designed to honour the pioneering miners of the early 19th century, as competitors' race their wheelbarrows to the finish line.

Goomeri Pumpkin Festival, Sunshine Coast, May 28
Now in its 20th year the Great Australian Pumpkin Roll is back and you can alsotake part in the pumpkin lawn bowls and pumpkin shotput competitions.

Mary Poppins Festival, Maryborough, June 23-July 2
Parade your finest hat and umbrella, and put on your most comfortable shoes to dash a pram to the finish line in the Great Nanny Race and raise your voice in the Mary's River Cruise Singalong. Mary Poppin's author, P.L. Travers, was born in Maryborough in 1899, and this year's 10-day program will highlight storytelling for all ages through various art forms, such as music concerts, pop-up performances and art installations.

Big Red Run, Birdsville, June 24-29
Australia's first and only 250-kilometre running race and to make conditions harder, it is set in the blistering Simpson Desert. Competitors race 40-kilometers a day through blistering heat, stomp through sinking sand and camp out at night in freezing winter conditions. There is also a smaller 42-kilometre desert dash.

Abbey Medieval Festival, AbbeyStowe, July 8-9

The Abbey Medieval Festival in Caboolture will have you dining, dancing and jousting your way into the past. Celebrate with the children, a wide range of workshops designed to teach children all about the medieval world will also be held.

VIVA Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, July 7-16
The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist crown at VIVA Surfers Paradise with toe-tapping tunes of the 50s and 60s with live performances, marvel at an array of vintage cars.

Boulia Camel Races, Outback, July 14-17
Belly dancing to sky diving, camel rides to market stalls, this festival is absolutely jam packed with way-out things to see and do, culminating in the Quarter-Mile Flyer and the Camel Cup races.

Jumpers and Jazz Festival in July, Warwick, July 20-30

Warwick comes alive in July to celebrate the thrill of the chill. The citizens lovingly dress 150 deciduous trees around the town in textiles for the official Jumpers and Jazz Festival.

Windorah International Yabby Races, Outback, August 30
Cheer on crustaceans as they crawl to the finish line in the Windorah International Yabby Races. Each of the ten yabbies in every race are named and auctioned off. The event has been running since 1998, all to raise much needed funds for the Royal Flying Doctors Association and local community groups.

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