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Top travel destinations for gin lovers

IT seems as though the UK has gone gin crazy at the moment! Our city centers aren't quite like the famous 'Gin Lane' painting by William Hogarth from 1751 but it is defiantly the UK's top trending drink statistics show UK gin sales have grown by up to 40% in the last 5 years! SkyParkSecure has put together their list of top travel destinations for gin lovers.


Gin wasn’t invented in London but few would deny it found a ‘spiritual home’ there during the infamous ‘Gin Craze’ of the seventeenth century.

Today the legacy of this proud history can be found all over London, not least at the Beefeater Distillery, which is located just a short walk over the bridge from Westminster Abbey. Gin enthusiasts are welcome to visit for an hour-long distillery tour most weekdays, and best of all a refreshing Gin and Tonic is included in the £12 entrance fee.


It’s a little known fact that over 70% of the gin enjoyed by Brits is distilled in Scotland. In fact the tradition of Scottish gin production runs very deeply indeed, due in no small part to the juniper bushes which are common across the Highlands. Juniper berries are – of course – an essential ingredient of gin, and the Scottish variety is known for its distinctive rich and mellow flavour. 

If you want to take in as many of Scotland’s gin-based delights as possible, the Wine and Spirit Trade Association has helpfully mapped out the Scottish Gin Trail. Stretching from Edinburgh all the way up to Caithness, the trail takes in all of Scotland’s best gin distilleries and bars. Only got time for a flying visit?

Specialist tour company Gin Journey organise regular events in Edinburgh, during which you can enjoy chauffeur-driven transport between the cities premier gin-themed hot-spots.


Spain is the second largest gin market in the world, principally due to the phenomenal popularity of ‘Gin-Tonic’, the Spanish take on the familiar Gin and Tonic which is served in a balloon glass with plenty of ice and garnish. So a trip to Spain is a great choice if you’re trying to decide where to travel to if you love gin.

You can enjoy gin in any Spanish city, but if you have to choose one head for Barcelona, where you’ll find a vibrant gin bar scene to rival any in the world, including the Old Fashioned Gin Tonic & Cocktail Bar, Bobby Gin, and Xixbar to name but a few. Head just out of the city to the fishing village of Vilanova and you can pay a visit to the Gin Mare distillery, where the Ribot family has been producing Spain’s most famous home-grown gin since the 1940s.


Experience the delights of ‘Genever’, the more complex juniper-based spirit forerunner of gin which the Dutch have been enjoying since the middle ages.

An altogether maltier proposition than modern Gin, Genever often has a light, honey-like colour. While the taste of Juniper still dominates, Genever also boasts smooth, creamy flavours. It is equally enjoyable straight, with a mixer, or when used to add a new dimension to classic cocktails. Head to Amsterdam’s House of Bols Cocktail and Genever Experience where you can discover how a great cocktail is made, and immerse yourself in the history and heritage of this exquisite spirit. Tickets are priced at just €16, which includes a cocktail.

Appetite whetted, you’re probably going to want to sample even more varieties of Dutch gin. So pay a visit to the De Drie Fleschjes tasting room where they’ve been welcoming enthusiastic Genever drinkers since 1650.


The Philippines is the largest gin market in the world consuming over 22 million cases every year! It all started back in 1830’s when the first brand was formed by a family-owned Spanish era distillery. Ginebra San Miguel was the one that started the Filipino gin trend. An average Filipino consumes 1.4 liters of gin every year, largely due to the effective marketing and distribution of Ginebra San Miguel.

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