Tuesday, 30 May 2017

30 Days Wild

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THIS June for the whole month, every day, everybody, everywhere, will be encouraged to enjoy nature on their doorstep, as well as the ‘great outdoors’. The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales (WTSWW) will be inspiring ‘Random Acts of Wildness’, practical, fun and quirky ideas that will connect people with the wild around them. 

Meander along a river bank, dance in a downpour, record a wild ringtone, meditate in a meadow or simply sip a glass of wine as the sun goes down and appreciate your garden. People can spend a few minutes, or a few hours each day enjoying nature - how they do it is up to them.

This year 30 Days Wild is revelling in the glory of traditional meadows which bloom with wildflowers in June. 'Unimproved' pastures and meadows with their characteristic wealth of wild plants and animals are rare and fragmented - occupying just 5% of the area that they occupied in 1945. The Wildlife Trusts care for many that can be visited and enjoyed.

Apply for a FREE 30 Days Wild pack at www/welshwildlife.org/30-days-wild/, download the phone app or look online for those inspirational Random Acts of Wildness.  Share the fun of #30DaysWild on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. WTSWW will be running wild events for all the family throughout June.

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