Saturday, 13 May 2017

Trails to follow in the Stubai Valley

AT the ‘WildeWasserWeg’ trail in the Stubai Valley, you can follow the journey of a water drop from its origins in ice to the rushing stream. There is also a new round-trip hike to the ‘Langetalbach’, showing that there are also interesting offshoots off the main course, on which there are no less spectacular natural sites. From July 2017, a pleasant one-hour hike to a small but spectacular waterfall will be available. A combination with all the stages of the ‘WildeWasserWeg’ trail is also possible.
The ‘WildeWasserWeg’ trail in the Stubai Valley is a protective natural jewel with picturesque meadows, rich green Alpine plateaus, bizarrely shaped rock formations, gently flowing streams, thrashing waterfalls, turquoise blue mountain lakes and glacial fields that shimmer in the sun all help to round off the tour of the deeper Stubai Valley. The trail consists of three stages which can be completed individually or together stretching over 10 km and 1,200 altitude meters up to the Sulzenauferner, a glacial field set at 2,477m above sea level.
‘WildeWasserWeg’ events

The Gourmet Hiking Evenings on 29 July at the Ruetz Katarakt, and on 12 August 2016 at the Grawa Waterfall. Hikers can stroll at night with nothing blocking the path, soaking up the wonderful atmosphere and enjoying culinary Stubai delicacies.

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