Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Out and About in Austria

AUSTRIANS love to throw a festival, a parade, anything to have a ball - there’s even a season for balls! Every month of the year is rich with wonderful events. Concerts and arts festivals take world-class to a new stage, whether floating on a picturesque lake or ringing out from the mountain top. Here are just a few of the amazing events you can join in on.

New Year’s Concert (Vienna), 1st January. The Vienna Philharmonic performs a selection of lively yet profound masterworks from the Strausses and their contemporaries. Broadcast from the Musikverein’s magnificent Golden Hall, this musical New Year’s greeting goes out to more than 90 countries and an estimated 50-million television viewers around the world. www.wienerphilharmoniker.at

Hahnenkamm World Cup Ski Race, Kitzbühel (Tirol), mid-January. It’s no secret that Austria is legendary for skiing, and this is one of the top races on the World Cup ski circuit. www.hahnenkamm.com

Ice World / Eistraum, City Hall (Vienna), starting late January. For several weeks from late January to late March, the plaza in front of Vienna's colorfully illuminated City Hall is transformed into a huge ice rink for everyone to enjoy. www.wienereistraum.com 

Mozart Week (Salzburg), late January. Salzburg's most famous son, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, gets a full week of stellar classical music events, timed to coincide with his birthday on the 27th January. www.salzburg.info

Carnival / Fasching, Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. On Fasching Tuesday, many people throughout Austria wear colorful costumes as they go about their daily business. Children play dress-up and teenagers or adults go to fancy dress parties. In small communities, there are parades and processions. In Tirol, the processions marking “Fasnacht” (the Shrovetide carnival) are such wild celebrations that these traditional events are only staged every 3, 4 or even 5 years. www.austria.info

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