Friday, 3 November 2017

Try the lesser known . . .

TRINITY Caves, Orange Canyon, Big Tunnel and Tarpon Alley - dramatic wall dives on Cayman’s West side that have attained legendary status among visiting divers and helped cement Cayman’s reputation as a world-class #dive #destination. Other sites such as Devil’s Grotto, Eden Rock and Sunset Reef are also on Cayman’s “hit list” of must-do dives on any vacation. But with 365 moored sites on all three islands, local dive leaders want to spotlight other sites worthy of being on Cayman’s Hit List.

The Dive 365 initiative, launched in 2008 continues to highlight the #Cayman Islands' dedication to divers by offering them many choices for diving while preserving the marine environment. The U.S. Kittiwake is one of the newest dive sites created through the initiative. Cayman’s creative dive remain committed to opening-up lesser-known areas for divers,while alleviating the environmental impact of recreational diving at more popular sites.

Jack McKenny’s Canyon, East End - Named for dive pioneer and videographer, Jack McKenny whose works have inspired viewers to visit Cayman, this site features giant narrow canyons leading to the East End drop off.

Princess Penny’s Pinnacle, Northside - Named for well-known free diver Penny Ventura who loved this site, this deep wall site has the pin in about 50 feet of water.

Randy’s Gazebo, Bloody Bay Marine Park in Little Cayman - The wall in Bloody Bay is shallowest at 25 feet under the boat. Swimming down the mooring line divers are greeted by a myriad of fish fluttering about the top of the wall before coming to the drop-off plunging into darkness below.

Hepp’s Pipeline, North Wall, Grand Cayman - This north side dive in Grand Cayman features a mini wall that starts at 70 feet and goes up to approximately 40 feet. The mini wall curves over itself as it gets near the top, looking like a large wave about to break, but frozen in time, thus the surfing reference in its name, Pipeline.

Grouper Grotto – This is a system of caverns, archways and swim-throughs in the reef at East End. The top of the reef starts at 20 feet and drops down to the bottom of the canyon at 60 feet.

Snapper Hole – This is a shallow dive with open tunnels and swim-throughs. A large Spanish anchor is located under one of the overhangs, offering a great photo opportunity. The site has stunning corals and marine life, and during the summer months, silversides fill the area, so it’s another great site to experience Cayman’s Silver Rush.

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