Friday, 12 February 2016

Best value stag and hen destinations

HOTEL SEARCH website has studied hotel prices in ten popular stag and hen do destinations

For the analysis, trivago selected five stag destinations (Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Riga, Prague, and Budapest) and five hen destinations (London, Brighton, Dublin, Ibiza, and Marbella). Included in company's data is the average hotel price, the potential savings between the cheapest and most expensive months and the best month to visit each destination.

London is the most expensive destination, with an average hotel price of £179 per night. This is followed by Amsterdam, Marbella, Ibiza, and Edinburgh, with prices ranging from £124 to £127 per night. The cheapest destination is Riga, at just £62 per night. This is followed by Budapest and Prague, at £68 and £78 per night, respectively.

Ibiza and Marbella are summer destinations, where up to £143 per night can be saved by visiting in off-peak months. The same is true for Edinburgh, where a hotel costs £81 per night during January, but increases to £213 during the Edinburgh Festival in August.

Trivago recommends visiting Edinburgh in November to catch the beginning of the Christmas markets. Amsterdam is best visited in July, where hotel prices dip slightly between June and August. Riga is cheap year round, so can be visited in August, when other destinations are usually more expensive. Prague is also cheap year round, and has impressive Christmas market in December.

London can be expensive, so visit in April, before prices rise for the summer. Brighton, likewise, can be expensive in summer – visit in May when temperature begin to rise. Dublin is best visited in March for the St Patrick’s Day festivities. Ibiza is best visited in summer, but try to aim for June – before hotel prices rise steeply. Marbella is also very expensive in the summer, but in October prices are much lower and temperatures still mild.

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