Friday, 29 April 2016

Throw a knob in Dorset!

WE’VE heard of Bed Knobs and Broomsticks –and doorknobs – but the people of Cattistock in Dorset claim to be specialists in, well, just knobs! The Dorset Knob*, a firm, dry, savoury biscuit – made by local bakers Moores – is thrown over a distance at the village’s annual wacky sporting contest. So proud are they of this local delicacy that a fine art foundry, Coles Casting, was commissioned to produce commemorative bronze Knobs which will be given to the winners of the Dorset Knob Throwing contest being held alongside the Frome Valley #FoodFest in Cattistock on Sunday, May 1.

The festivities will feature crazy games, all with a #DorsetKnob theme. Here’s a taster: Knob Catapults, the Dorset Tea Knob Pyramid, Putt the Knob, Pin the Knob on the (Cerne) Giant, and the Knob and Spoon race.

More than 60 local food and drink producers will be showcasing their wares at the #festival, and there will be craft and skills stalls, and live music.

The event runs from 10am to 4pm. Visitors are advised to approach from the Maiden Newton direction and follow the signs for free car parking.

*Dorset Knobs are small biscuit-textured buns made by Moore's of Morecombelake since the mid-19th century. It’s thought the name derives from the hand-sewn Dorset Knob buttons that were also made locally.

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