Wednesday, 17 August 2016

ABTA warns of quad bike dangers

‘One snap decision completely transformed my life. I could have lost the use of my legs … or worse, my life.’

UK HOLIDAYMAKERS have been warned by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) of the risks of hiring #quadbikes when abroad this summer.

There have been five incidents in #Greece since June involving holidaymakers and quad bikes, including most recently an 18-year-old who suffered a fractured skull and lost his sight in one eye in a quad bike accident.

Increasingly, holidaymakers are hiring quad bikes as a means to get around, often on main roads and in resorts, many without any training, road experience or proper protection. If they have an accident, injuries are often much more serious or life- threatening for people who have chosen not to wear a helmet, even when required by local laws to do so.

Quad bikes not typically covered by travel insurance. Many standard insurance policies specifically exclude cover for quad bike use, whether as a driver or passenger. This means that in the case of an accident, holidaymakers will be liable for substantial medical bills, especially if they require the use of an air ambulance to get them back to the UK.

Many tour operators offer the opportunity for customers to book organized off-road bike excursions with agencies that follow health and safety guidelines.

32-year-old Melanie Simmonds suffered serious injuries in a quad bike accident while on holiday in Greece in 2010. After a series of operations, it took 14 months for Melanie to recover from her injuries.

‘The reason that we hired the quad bike was to save money on taxis as I was diving,’ says Ms Simmonds. ‘One snap decision completely transformed my life. I could have lost the use of my legs … or worse, my life. I think if I hadn’t been wearing my camera on my back, I probably would have.

‘My advice to holidaymakers is be aware that quad bikes are heavy and dangerous. They are difficult to control and not very safe to use on roads. One big thing that I’ve also learnt is that you must always know what your insurance covers you for. As it turned out, I wasn’t covered for quad bikes because I never expected to be using one.’

Nikki White, director of Destinations and Sustainability at ABTA, comment: ‘Quad biking can be a fun and memorable holiday experience as part of an off-road excursion with a reputable company. But it can also be extremely high risk to hire a quad bike as a means of transport to get around resorts and to use on main roads. They might look easy and fun to drive, but the reality is they are powerful vehicles that demand driving expertise and proper protection to be used safely.’

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