Sunday, 14 August 2016

British tourists welcome increased security measures in France

FOLLOWING the announcement that some beaches in #France will be patrolled by armed police and that holidaymakers have been banned from taking large bags on to the beach in Cannes, research suggests that one third of British people planning a summer #holiday this year welcome these increased security measures.

Almost 90% of respondents in a survey by Travelzoo do not believe increased security measures this summer will impact their holiday negatively, and over one third think the UK should follow France's lead and adopt similar measures at beaches and tourist spots in Britain.

The research also found that 50% of respondents would be prepared to pay at least 5% more for their breaks if it meant extra security, with one fifth saying they would pay as much as 10% or 15% more.

‘Over 17 million British tourists visit France every year, so it is extremely important for the country to demonstrate that everything is being done to protect tourists on beaches and in public places,’ said Louise Hodges, head of Communications at Travelzoo.

‘While one quarter of those surveyed say armed police on beaches could be off-putting, over a third are in favour of these new security measures, and half are prepared to pay extra for more security on holiday. This is significant as, post-Brexit, holidays in Europe this summer will feel more expensive, given the drop in the value of the pound against the euro.

‘Our research shows that long-time favourites Spain and France remain the top destinations for this summer, so it's reassuring to learn that these recent changes in security are not putting British tourists off.’

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