Saturday, 10 October 2015

All aboard for Pitcairn

BUILDING on increasing demand for travel to one of the world's most remote destinations, #PitcairnIslands #Tourism has announced additional sailings for 2016.

Increasing capacity by 25%, the additional departures will allow for four- and 11-day stays on the island. Depending on bookings, 18-day stays are also available from time to time.  Visitors wanting to experience fully the rhythm of life on one of the most remote, sub-tropical islands in the world, can arrive on one quarterly rotation and depart on another, enabling a three-month stay.

Says Pitcairn Islands Tourism travel co-ordinator, Heather Menzies: ‘We have seen demand to visit Pitcairn steadily grow.  With increased awareness, Pitcairn is attracting a mix of special interest and environmental visitors, along with those seeking to share the island's rich history.’

Located in the South Pacific – half way between New Zealand and Peru – Pitcairn has been the home of the descendants of the HMS Bounty mutineers since 1790. Surrounded by the largest marine reserve on earth, it remains one of the planet’s most remote destinations.

Shipping services are provided by Stoney Creek Shipping of New Zealand, which owns the 486-tonne cargo-passenger vessel, MV Claymore II.  The service will offer 12 round-trips in 2016 between Mangareva in French Polynesia and Pitcairn.

Richard Hankin, of Tropics Marketing, who represents Pitcairn Islands Tourism in Australia says: ‘The bragging rights of a visit to Pitcairn are endless. Amongst these are passport envy, sighting endemic flora and fauna, posting a rare Facebook check-in or the chance to share the daily lives of the descendants of the Mutiny on the Bounty.  The additional sailings for 2016 will allow a few more lucky visitors to share their Pitcairn experience.’ 

The island currently has 12 registered accommodation providers offering home-stays and rental chalets, bungalows, and studios, with rates ranging from US$70 to $120 per person per day. Some owners offer weekly and monthly rates for long term visitors.

Size: Pitcairn is 2.2 miles from east to west.

Population: 56.

Government: It is a British overseas territory, administered by a mayor and an elected island council. The Queen ss represented by a Governor, who also holds office as British High Commissioner to New Zealand, based in Auckland.

Climate: Summer (October-April) temperatures range from 77F to 95°F.

Language: Pitkern is a creole language derived from 18th-century English, with elements of the Tahitian language. It is spoken as a first language, and taught alongside standard English at island's school.

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