Saturday, 10 October 2015

No complaints … we’re British!

ALMOST a third of Brits (31%) believe general holiday standards have dropped in the last 20 years, according to a report published by consumer holiday watchdog, HolidayTravelWatch. But the report also found that despite this alarming trend, more than a fifth of respondents (22%) still do not complain.
The inaugural Holiday Standards Report investigated holiday standards over the last two decades and Brits’ opinions and experiences of travelling abroad.

Survey respondents cited essential factors such as cleanliness (45%), food standards (39%), and customer service (30%) as three main disappointments.

After the terrorist attacks in Tunisia and Turkey, a quarter of respondents said they believed safety standards in resorts had declined.

It might be unsurprising, then, that more than four in ten British families now holiday less than they did two decades ago. Although money problems were given as the most common reason cited (64%), most consumers noted dissatisfaction with cost versus experience. More than four in ten believe value-for-money isn’t what it was two decades ago.

However, more than a fifth of respondents do not complain when faced with below-par standards. Almost a third (30%) say they aren’t confident they will get a satisfactory resolution, while 27% say a lack of confidence stops them complaining. . Almost a fifth (19%) say they have experienced intimidation of one kind or another when they have tried to complain while on holiday.

Frank Brehany, consumer director at HolidayTravelWatch says: ‘We have heard for years about holidaymakers being intimidated when making complaints. Threats have ranged from verbal aggression, rooms being searched for “evidence”, being shadowed by security staff, to physical threats or threats of being arrested. But make that complaint! If you are threatened you should speak to the UK embassy in the country you are visiting; they can advise you on how to deal with any issues.’

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