Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Discover Prague In A Different Way

THE project Prague Unknown shows #Prague as a city of various faces and undiscovered alleys. It offers guided tours off the beaten tracks, walks through narrow paths and abandoned pasageways. Thanks to Prague Unkown you can visit places most people haven’t heard of and discover Prague in a different way. Prague Unkown can also take you to districts with connection to the old industrial architecture and many more unusual places.

One of the specialties is a walk through the picturesque district called New World near the Prague Castle, which tourists usually don’t visit and most of Prague inhabitants haven't heard of. Prague Unkown team calls it a Prague Montmartre, simply because it is where all kind of interesting artists, such as graphic designers, photographers, painters, animators and many more reside in tiny houses. No wonder there are many unique buildings such as the only log house in the heart of Prague.

Another tour offers a look at a Czech rarity – cubism in architecture! You may know this style from different fields such as painting or scuplture, its connection with architecture is a Czech thing worth looking at because houses designed in cubism manner are not to be found anywhere else in the world.

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