Thursday, 6 July 2017

Best Times to visit Victoria Falls

YOU can make your trip to the Falls the best experience possible for you by considering your personality/travel traits when timing your visit. Before you jump to booking your plane ticket in all the excitement Tongabezi Lodge has put together these important questions to ask yourself:

Are adventure and thrills what you are looking for?

If the answer is yes then you should really visit Victoria Falls during the drier months of the year when the water levels are at their lowest between mid-August and mid-January.

A visit during low water levels, allows you the opportunity to plunge into Devil’s Pool, a dangerous-looking natural swimming hole on top of the falls. For most, the name ‘Devil’s Pool’ would be enough to put you off the experience. However, for the adventurous souls who seek out life’s greatest thrills, this is a must do.

To get there requires a 10-minute boat trip to Livingstone Island, followed by a short guided swim (at times against the current) to the rock pool where you can peer over the edge of the 354-foot drop. The conditions for rafting down the Zambezi rapids are also ideal this time of year.

Photo's important?

You should consider visiting the Victoria Falls during the transition periods between the low and high water levels, either in February or between June and July. This is a superb time to photograph the falls as you won’t get totally drenched from the mist like you would during high water levels.

Nothing but the best for you?

Visit when the river is typically in full flow during March and April. During this time, as much as 540 million cubic meters of water fall over the edge every single minute. The Victoria Falls during high water spans the entire 1.7km width of the Zambezi River, thick with beautiful rainbows. 

Looking to grab a good deal?

Plan your stay during the low booking season between January and May or during the holiday season from November to December. Accommodation prices are at their lowest and you won’t be fighting the crowds like you normally would in peak season. Zambia’s rainy season typically begins late November and last until mid-March, although it varies from year to year. 

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