Monday, 3 July 2017

Travelling with sports equipment can be costly

SPORTS-mad Brits, inspired by high-profile competitions including the Tour de France, the Olympics or the golf majors, need to read airlines’ small print before heading off to tackle one of the world’s iconic sporting challenges according to Cheapflights, the global flight search and travel deals website. Failing to do so could see them incurring hundreds of pounds’ worth of extra costs.

It doesn’t pay to be spontaneous about taking sports equipment on holiday. Most airlines charge an extra £10 each way for items that haven’t been pre-booked. Equally, it is best to be decisive about which item to take when flying with easyJet, as the airline only allows one piece of sporting equipment per passenger.

Phil Bloomfield, Global Head of Communications at Cheapflights says: “Each airline has its own rules about how sports equipment must be packed to travel, and it pays to check these well in advance and be prepared. For example, asks cyclists to remove bike pedals, deflate the tyres and wrap bicycles in stiff cardboard; whereas Monarch demands that pedals should be padded but tyres can remain inflated. British Airways, meanwhile, asks that bikes are carried in a recognised protective bike bag. We urge travellers to research the varying regulations on airlines’ official websites and, if in doubt, double check over the phone. Most importantly, make sure that you have insurance for these items. Taking them onboard a flight is at your own risk and any damage can not only be very costly, but also ruin your holiday.”

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