Friday, 14 July 2017

Virtual Reality Allows Viewers to Speed Down Sedona Slickrock, Skydive Over Grand Canyon

THE latest tool the #Arizona Office of Tourism is using to elevate awareness of Arizona’s tourism assets is virtual reality. AOT created a pair of VR experiences that are filled with drama and awe, with a touch of narrative storytelling.

The films are set in the Grand Canyon and Sedona, and those locales don’t just serve as a backdrop for the action—they are characters in the story. In the Grand Canyon film, users who put on the VR headset jump out of a plane and into the airspace above one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. The Arizona Office of Tourism is the first entity to create a VR skydiving experience over the Grand Canyon.

In the other film, VR users climb atop a virtual mountain bike and hurtle down singletrack and slickrock in Sedona. In all directions, Sedona’s distinctive geology and a big, blue sky whiz past.

The films debuted in January 2017 in Chicago, at the Cubs Convention and Travel & Adventure Show. This spring, the Arizona VR show will travel to several Cactus League stadiums.

Visitors to Visit Arizona's Facebook page can experience 360-video versions of the films on their mobile devices.

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