Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Adventure around Chile

offers all an adrenaline seeking adventurer could want from mountains to coast. There are an increasing number of tour operators offering organized adventure tourism. Here are a few suggestions to get you going . . .

Chile has more than 4,000 kilometres of coastline with warm seas and a crazy wave called ‘El Gringo’ which attracts surf enthusiasts from across the globe. Sometimes nicknamed the ‘Chilean Pipeline’, the El Gringo wave has serious power, huge swells and shallow reefs, making it the ultimate wave for keen surfers. The best time to surf El Gringo is usually in the morning, due to the wind directions in the area, and the best location is in Arica, Chile’s northernmost city. Arica’s waves became famous in the surfing world when the World Surf League first organised a leg of their World Championship tour here. 

Known as the ‘Land of the Indigenous People’, San Pedro de Atacama is home to ancient cultures and stunning scenery. In the heart of this vast, dry desert, travellers can surf the sand on a sandboard cruising down 120 metre dunes to get their adrenalin fix. Set 2,400 metres above sea level, sandboarders can enjoy 360 degree views of Death Valley, the name of which was coined by the French priest who discovered the area. Guided Sandboarding excursions in San Pedro de Atacama are available throughout the day. Individual excursions and private board hire are also available. 

The wild Chilean geography, full of hills and high mountains, is the perfect setting for parasailing and other aerial sports. 

Dragón Hill, an enormous sand dune around 4 km long in the coastal city of Iquique, is one of the best places to parasail in Chile, offering incredible views as flights travel over the city and land on the shoreline. The dune is situated on a narrow rocky ledge above a cliff 500 feet high that forms a natural barrier to the sea. Varying in height from 150 to 500 metres, Dragon Hill is the largest urban sand dune in the world; only the dunes of the Sahara are taller. Parasailing is therefore the perfect way to view this diverse cityscape from a birds-eye perspective.

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