Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Going on holiday? Keep your ID safe!

A SURVEY for Experian's ProtectMyID reveals that 30 percent of travellers have experienced identity theft while travelling or know someone who has.

Most travellers check for signs of identity fraud after their journeys, but fail to take pro-active precautions before and during their trips. Only 39 percent alert their debit/credit card providers before departing, and only 33 percent notify their bank. Just one in three use passwords to protect their smartphones

Ninety-two percent carry credit cards or debit cards while travelling, yet more than half are unaware of their card's liability limit if lost or stolen

Women and adults aged 65 or older are most likely to take precautions to protect their identities before, during and after travelling.

Those surveyed indicated that they feel most vulnerable to identity theft in restaurants, internet cafes, hotels, and airports. Actual crime numbers show that the highest vulnerabilities occur in hotels, restaurants, airports, taxis, and car rental offices.

Taking these steps can help reduce the risk of identity theft while travelling:
  • Password-protect smartphones and other electronic devices.
  • Create strong passwords with a mix of upper-case and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols on sensitive accounts accessible through electronic devices.
  • Avoid public WiFi when possible. 
  • Delay social media posts that indicate you're out of town; wait until you're back from your trip to share your travel adventures.
  • Choose to pay with a credit card versus debit card; credit cards often offer better fraud protection.
  • Bank at the branch - ATM's in high-traffic tourist areas may put you at risk for skimming.
  • Avoid travelling with unnecessary items, such as Social Security cards or credit cards that will not be needed.

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