Monday, 23 June 2014

Tenerife? How nice!

TENERIFE’S tourism chiefs have launched a campaign calling for locals and business owners to go the extra mile and impress visitors with their innate kindness.

Tenerife Buena Gente – which translates as Tenerife Nice People – aims to ensure the five million visitors, of whom 1.59 million are British, never forget the kindness, good manners and generosity of the islanders.

Pia Louw, director of Travel Industry & Promotion for the Tenerife Tourism Corporation, explains: ‘What makes Tenerife people special is their naturally kind, patient and welcoming nature, and their ability to make visitors feel at home on foreign soil. We want visitors to connect with our people and experience these personality traits first-hand so we inspire them to return time and again.’

The campaign offers training to the tourism community so that visitors not only associate Tenerife with its beaches, natural wonders, cultural diversity, and gastronomy, but also with the service the locals provide. The campaign's website has tips on how to be a “nicer” person.

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