Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Mystery Plays return to York

SINCE 1998, the seven York guilds and companies, through their charity York Festival Trust, have established a four-yearly cycle of pageant waggon productions of York's internationally renowned Mystery Plays.

These large-scale productions have met with popular, critical and academic acclaim and have involved people from across the community.

The open air performances – this year on July 13 and July 20hark back to the original spectacle of the medieval Corpus Christi Day festivities and are truer in spirit to both the medieval original and the 1950's revivals. No one owns these plays, but the guilds perhaps have the greatest claim to be their guardians.

The guilds have created a flexible and sustainable waggon play tradition. The last production in 2010 saw innovative use of the waggons to create spectacular performances. By moving the waggons to playing stations across the city, they reach a wide audience.

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