Monday, 22 September 2014

Luxury stays in Sydney

RIDING high on the wave of high-roller holiday house rentals is Jessica Kirkpatrick, Founder and CEO of Luxe Houses -

Each property has been curated by Kirkpatrick, a former UBS Wealth Management advisor, competitive polo player, luxe world traveller and mumpreneur.

If Luxe Houses is part of the nouveau-riche 'sharing economy', hers is a well-heeled one; for millionaires, if not billionaires. Keep walking unless you have AUD$10,000/£5,600 per week to splash, with an ultra luxe listing up to AUD$40,000/£22,400.

Says Jessica: ‘In recent years, we have seen the emergence of the domestic and international luxury traveller seeking more bespoke accommodation. The Luxe Houses portfolio provides these discerning travellers with the 5-star hotel experience in some of Australia's most exclusive private houses, while catering for all architectural tastes, new and old.’

Luxe Houses holds court as Australia's most prestigious agent for holiday-houses and event venues, now holding the keys to more than 100 of the wealthiest and most coveted residences around Sydney, New South Wales, and other Australian hotspots.

The company spoils guests with its concierge service. Private Jets on offer include the Cessna, and Challenger. For thrillseekers there's the somersaulting Jet Fighter over Bondi Beach, decadent superyachts, and Aquabay, a 70ft Italian-style sports yacht, a popular choice for Luxe Houses guests on the Sydney's Harbour.

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Picture Credit: "Sydney night " by Wj32 via Wikimedia Commons

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