Tuesday, 9 September 2014

No, it’s not burger, but try it anyway!

ALMOST half of Brits who have travelled abroad with children encourage them to try the local cuisine in restaurants, research by Villa Plus suggests.

Arnoian bell peppers filled of Spanish omelette
y Norrin strange  via Wikimedia Commons
The poll explored families' attitudes to mealtimes while abroad, including the issues with catering for kids on holiday. Children's menus were near the top of the list of things people struggle to get while in restaurants abroad, with 22% of those who travel with children saying that these had been problems.

Also high on the list of items respondents struggled to find were nutritional information (26%), hygiene ratings (25%) and menus catering for special dietary requirements (21%).

But despite the challenges with eating out on holiday, the poll revealed that many people who travel abroad with children use it as an opportunity to broaden their culinary horizons. Almost half (44%) of those who holiday with children said they encourage them to try local cuisines. 

  Fried Starfish! What's more?
by Ven. Rangama Chandawimala Thero via Wikimedia Commons
Villa Plus's tips for visiting restaurants with children:

     Make an effort to get children used to unfamiliar foods before you travel, so it's not a new experience when they're on holiday
     Try to keep the time of meals the same as at home to avoid too much of a break from the normal routine
     Do your homework; research restaurants before you head abroad and use the knowledge of the in-resort team to find those which are family friendly

     Choose places that cook their food to order and avoid buffets; this way you can be sure the food is fresh and they're more likely to make any changes for fussy eaters.

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