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Where the billionaires tee off ...6-10

by Lotus Head  via Wikimedia Commons 

BILLIONAIRE.COM has compiled a guide to the planet’s most exclusive golf courses.

‘With more than 30,000 golf courses worldwide, picking the top ten most exclusive is a difficult – and sometimes controversial – task,’ said Tara Loader Wilkinson at 

The courses were judged on metrics including difficulty of getting membership, price of fees, calibre of other members and former players, notoriety and fame, course scenery and condition, and the history and the design of the course; so here's the last half of the top ten.......

6. Los Angeles Country Club, California – Built on some of the most valuable land in Beverley Hills, the Los Angeles Country Club is considered ultra-exclusive; its membership roster is comprised of America's oldest family dynasties. Despite its proximity to Hugh Heffner's neighbouring Playboy Mansion, the club reportedly has a strict ‘no movie-star' policy.

7. Royal Melbourne (West), Melbourne, Australia – The Royal Melbourne Golf Club is the oldest and most prestigious golfing destination in the Pacific, with 1,843 playing members. The work of golfing architect Dr Alister Mackenzie, most golf aficionados consider its famous West Course as the kingpin of the Melbourne sand belt.

8. Hirono, Hyogo, Japan – The immaculately kept fairways at the Hirono golf course were originally the design of Englishman, Charles Alison. Intensely private and extremely exclusive, to see the course attend one of the Japanese golf tournaments or be invited to play by a member and pay between US$290 and US$335 (£174-£200) in green fees.

9. Swinley Forest, Berkshire, England – Known as one of the most beautiful courses in the world, Swinley Forest was originally built as the playground of Lord Derby and his friends. So traditional that a hand-written application letter is required for would-be players. It is a 'one-out, one-in' club and is mostly made up of English aristocracy, old Etonians and Harrovians.

10. Gleneagles, Perthshire, Scotland – A shining example of the country that gave the world golf. Home to three top ranking golf courses, a five-star hotel and the only two-Michelin star restaurant in Scotland, membership fees start at £2,545 with a £600 joining fee.

See our post tomorrow for 1-5 in the world.

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