Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Georgian passion for fashion

"What! Is this my son Tom?" 

"What! Is this my son Tom?" 
A 1774 caricature on the extreme 
"Macaroni" fashions of the 1770s and a 

Poem in satirical caricature.......

Our wise Forefathers would express
Ev'n Sensibility in Dress ;
The modern Race delight to Shew
What Folly in Excess can do.
The honest Farmer come to town, [i.e. to London]
Can scarce believe his Son his own.
If thus the Taste continues Here,
What will it be another Year?

SOME of the finest accessories of the 18th century are on display in a major fashion exhibition – 

Head to Toe: Accessorising the Georgians – at Fairfax House in York
It runs until November 2. 

Featuring an array of historic accessories dating from 1700 to 1820 and features shoes, fans, hats, waistcoats, garters, stockings, buttons, and gloves, as well as other more exotic forms of accessories.

Male accessories also form a key part of the exhibition revealing that vanity and the pursuit of fashion was not for the female realm alone. A pair of stockings for men with specially padded calves are among the more unusual forms of Georgian fashion accessory on display, clearly defining the fashionable taste for a well-shaped, muscular ‘manly’ leg in Georgian Britain. Other pieces include a rare set of 18th century patches worn to conceal smallpox marks on the face, and eyebrows made from mouse hair.

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