Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A flying start with the kids

BMI REGIONAL has teamed up with Dr Becky Parry, an expert in play, to offer advice on keeping children happy on holiday flights …

Be prepared – Kids pick up on stress, anxiety, and other negative vibes, so be as organised and as stress-free as possible. Leave in good time for the airport and expect to take twice as long to get through to the departure gate with children.

Give a pre-flight pep talk – Airports can be daunting places for children, with lots of big people pushing past and rushing around. Explain to children in advance what will happen and what is expected of them, such as when they have to put teddies or clothing on security trays and that they have to sit down on the plane, wear their seat belt, and turn off electronic games at take-off and landing. Out of courtesy to fellow passengers, tell kids they must turn off the sound or wear earplugs when playing on consoles.

Choose toys with care – With careful planning, ‘on board’ needn’t mean ‘I’m bored’; but think wisely about which toys to pack. Magnetic games and stickers are good options because the pieces are less likely to get lost. Pack several different items, so when children have had enough of playing with one thing, they’re presented with another – new – distraction.

Have some on-board family time – Tempting though it might be to spend the flight catching up on downloaded TV shows, or gazing out of the window pretending the children belong to someone else, use the time constructively and engage with them. Play guessing games, make up stories or just ask them about what’s going on in their little world. Many parents feel guilty about not devoting enough time to their kids. With few distractions at 35,000ft, it’s a good time to start talking more.

Easy on the sugar – Refreshments can help to pass the time on a flight, but planes and hyperactive kids don’t mix, so go easy on the sugar. Save sweets for take-off and landing as the swallowing action can help prevent ears hurting. Milk is a good soother for kids of all ages and, for babies and toddlers, a drink of milk in a bottle with a teat is also soothing to ears when the plane is taking off or touching down.

Avoid the mad scramble to disembark – Wait for all of the other passengers to leave, then pick up toys and other items that will undoubtedly have fallen under the seat.

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