Sunday, 28 June 2015

Vacation time? Guard your ID!

HOLIDAYMAKERS who used to worry about their homes being burglarized now face a greater threat while travelling: #identitytheft. The increased use of social media, public WiFi networks, ATM machines and mobile devices by families on holiday in the US and abroad have made them prime targets for cybercrime. A free Summer Vacation Guide to Identity Security is now available, offering safety tips for protecting devices, data, and identities.

‘Anyone – adult or child - who uses a computer, tablet or mobile device on a plane, in a hotel room or in a cyber cafe can be a victim of #cybercrime,’ says cybersecurity expert Morgan Wright.

Wright, a former law enforcement officer who has advised the US departments of Justice, Defence and Homeland Security on cybersecurity strategies created the guide in response to an internet safety threat report that reveals a dramatic rise in identity theft, digital extortion, and data corruption.

Among the guide's do's and don'ts are how to identify and avoid:

· Bluetooth and WiFi vulnerabilities

· Social media and mobile app risks

· Malware and ransomware attacks

· Credit card, online banking and ATM scams

Wright recommends that families read the guide prior to leaving on vacation in order to implement some of its recommendations from their secure home internet networks. Then, he suggests packing it along with their travel itineraries as a reminder of cyber safety precautions when on the road.

Copies of his guide can be obtained at

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