Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Be ready for Greek cash crisis, British tourists warned

PLANS to assist British people on holiday in #Greece are being made as the country moved closer to bankruptcy and exit from the #eurozone, the Daily Mail reports.

Tourists have been advised to take enough euro notes to cover emergencies in case Greek banks close cash machines. The Foreign Office advises them to take ‘enough money to cover emergencies and any unexpected delays’, and to avoid relying solely on credit cards or ATMs.

It came as Greece’s prime minister Alexis Tsipras refused to implement further austerity measures needed to unlock emergency funds to avoid a debt default.

British government sources said ‘contingency planning’ was under way involving ministers from across Whitehall departments. Experts believe the threat of a Greek default could lead to a run on the banks, which could result in cash machines being left without money or being turned off. There are also fears the situation could spark civil unrest.

UK officials have held talks with tour operators, who would have responsibility for getting stranded British tourists home. A source said they are also making sure they have the resources in place to provide consular assistance to British nationals who might get into difficulties.

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