Monday, 7 March 2016

Support flood-hit regions, urges Prince Charles

WRITING in the Daily Telegraph about English Tourism Week (March 5-13), Prince Charles urges Brits to book holidays in areas affected the winter floods and thereby help to prevent ‘vital’ local businesses going under. He talks about the ‘devastation and heartbreaking losses’ caused by the floods. 

‘I happen to know,’ he writes, ‘that it takes a special kind of resilience to live and work in the countryside, coping with both shifts in the wider economy and the ever more extreme vagaries of the weather, thanks to dangerously accelerating climate change. But in the same way that gardens and entire landscapes can amaze us with their ability to recover relatively quickly from floods and storms, so too can their people.

‘The way that local communities have pulled together to ensure a speedy recovery – even after the devastation and heart-breaking losses we have seen in recent months – has been truly remarkable. I know from the work that my Countryside Fund has been doing to help in these stricken areas that even those that were hardest hit are once again ‘open for business. There is no doubt in my mind that the best way to help flooded areas recover is by people continuing to visit and stay in these beautiful places in order to keep the vital local businesses going.

‘I can only encourage you to enjoy the best of what Great Britain has to offer this spring.’

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