Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Alton Towers Scarefest

ALTON TOWERS Resort has unveiled its spook-tacular plans for Scarefest 2016, which include the opportunity to tour the depths of a recently re-opened mine at the resort. Scarefest 2016 will take place on 8th-9th, 15th-16th and 21st-31st October. 

‘Altonville Mine Tours: uncover the legend of the Skin Snatchers’ 
A deep underground tour in a brand new live action horror maze. Those brave enough can head to ‘Altonville’ and enter the, damp disused mine, which is believed to have once been home to a family of village outcasts with a dark secret. Nicknamed the ‘Skin Snatchers’ by local residents, their spine-chilling secret is about to be unearthed. 

‘House of Monsters’ will give families the opportunity to join an up and coming online blogger who has turned into somewhat of a new-age monster hunter. He is on a modern-day quest to discover the truth about monsters and his trail has led him to what is believed to be a disused house. 

‘Sub Species: The End Games’, a post-apocalyptic experience where a sewer dwelling community have been infested by a species from another world. 

‘Terror of the Towers: What Lies Within’ maze returns, taking those who enter through the undiscovered passageways of gothic towers to discover the dark secrets that await. 

After dark #AltonTowers Resort will also become home to two Scare Zones, Dark Apocalypse and the new Freak Show, each filled with its own free-roaming, gruesome and truly chilling residents. 

Gill Riley, Marketing Director at Alton Towers Resort said: “We are incredibly excited for this year’s #Scarefest event as we feel the new additions to this year’s line-up make it the most spine-chilling yet. We have been working incredibly hard to prepare groundbreaking and breathtaking experiences for guests of all ages for a truly spectacular experience. There really will be no better place to enjoy Halloween.” 

Tickets start from £31.92 for a child and £36.12 for an adult. 

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