Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Our Britain, and what little we know of it

RESEARCH by interior design specialists Murals Wallpaper has discovered that many in Britain don’t recognise the beautiful views available on their own doorstep.

In two surveys, the company showed 750 people two photographs, both taken along different parts of the Cornish coast, and asked: Where do you think this picture was taken? 

For the image on the left, 29% believed it to be in New Zealand and 8% thought it was taken in Canada, whilst 5% chose the French coast. 

For the second image on the right, 24% chose New Zealand and 6% selected Canada, with 4% opting for France.

When the two results are combined, it means that almost half of the total people surveyed weren’t able to recognise two beautiful views from their own backyard in the UK.

The company has launched a campaign designed to show people everywhere that you don’t have to travel far and wide to experience incredible sights.

Richard Wilde, managing director of Murals Wallpaper, hopes that the rising popularity of staycations will help people to appreciate what their own country has to offer. ‘Unfortunately, the UK can often be overlooked as an attractive holiday destination and we perhaps underappreciate just how wonderful some parts of our homeland are. However, we hope that the growing number of people choosing staycations over flying abroad will help people recognize the outstanding natural beauty of the UK.’

Emma Warren, owner of a five-star glamping site in Somerset, says it’s the ease of travel and the larger variety of scenery that makes the UK increasingly appealing to holidaymakers. ‘What’s not to like about a staycation in the UK? No long flights or queuing to get places; time your journey right and you can even avoid most of the traffic queues. You can take everything you need with you and not worry about excess baggage charges.

‘The other bonus is that the UK has so many different regions and landscapes that you don’t have to go far to discover something completely different from your last UK holiday. From the flat Fens to the rolling hills of Somerset and from beaches to mountains - we’ve got it all in hand.’


Go Holiday news : www.govillasandcottages.co.uk

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