Sunday, 24 January 2016

Plymouth ‘best value’ for hotel stays; London worst

HOTEL comparison site has published its annual Best Value UK City Index. The list of 26 includes cities with at least 50 hotels and an average of at least 150 reviews per hotel. The index combines hotel price data with aggregated user reviews and ratings. This year, according to the index, #Plymouth is the best value city in the UK for a hotel stay, while London is the worst value. 

At an average of £76 per night for the past year, Plymouth is also one of the cheapest UK cities for a hotel stay, following Sheffield at £71 and Nottingham at £73.

In second place is Exeter, with an index of 89.20 and an average hotel price of £82. Although price is a contributing factor to the best value index, cities must also have excellent hotel ratings. Salisbury and Inverness, for example, occupy third and fourth places despite having an average price per night of over £100 (£108 and £109, respectively).

With an index of 46.64, London is the worst value city in the UK for a hotel stay, with an index significantly lower than the other cities on the list. It is also the most expensive city, at an average of £164 per night. Following London is Manchester, Glasgow, and Oxford.
Cities ranking low in the Best Value Index are often criticized for their lack of space, leading to a lower level of comfort and poor ratings. London hotel rooms, in particular, are often described as cramped and ranked low as a result.

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