Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Access for all

MARCH this year saw the launch of Limitless Travel, an online platform that allows hotels and attractions to list their access amenities for #disabled guests, and visitors to rate facilities. Users with #disabilities and mobility problems –and their friends, families, and carers – can search for destinations across the world based on their specific access requirements, saving them both time and money.

It was founded by Angus Drummond, who was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy in 2012. He quit his job in investment banking, travelled the world, and experienced at first-hand the difficulties people with disabilities can face when visiting a new place.

Angus says: ‘When you go holiday, what would you do if you couldn’t climb the stairs or get into the shower? What would you do if you couldn’t read the menu? These are just some of the issues facing people with disabilities when travelling the world, and one that Limitless Travel is solving. While I was travelling, I often found that places marked as disabled-friendly are quite inaccessible, which was extremely frustrating.

‘The Limitless Travel team’s aim is to promote equality and fairness for all who travel, and raise awareness and understanding within the travel industry. Through our website we believe the future is limitless. Disabled #travel doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience; we are making it an exciting opportunity to discover new parts of the world.’

The website kicked off with a guide to London, and aims to expand its coverage to hotels and attractions across the UK, Europe, and then the rest of the world. It is also in touch with tour operators who can offer trips to far-flung destinations for travellers with different access requirements.


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