Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Equine charity launches responsible tourism campaign

AN international taskforce co-ordinated by global equine welfare charity the Brooke has launched a responsible tourism campaign at Petra, the UNESCO World Heritage site in Jordan.
The Care for Petra campaign aims to improve tourist attitudes and behaviour towards working animals, working children, and the historic monuments of Petra in Jordan, where injured or weak donkeys and horses are used to transport tourists around the site.
The campaign provides advice for tourists on ways to prevent animal suffering at the site, and encourages visitors to enjoy the monuments on foot wherever possible.
Very young children work on the site selling souvenirs and offering donkey rides. The awareness campaign asks visitors not to buy items from children or give them money, as this encourages them to stay out of school.

Go Holiday editor David Kernek comments:  This charity, clearly, does good work, but its arguments should not be put only to the tourists who ride on these cruelly-treated creatures and who buy mostly trash from the children at tourist sites such as Petra. This is also a problem in Greece where in towns such as Lindos on Rhodes, less-than-healthy donkeys are used to carry tourists – many of them obese – up to ancient sites on clifftops. It should be the responsibility of public authorities to ensure that animals are properly looked after, and that children are not forced to run these shoddy businesses.

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Picture Credit: www.thebrooke.org

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