Monday, 22 December 2014

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EVERY traveller has experienced the anxious wait at the baggage carousel, hoping that their luggage will emerge in one piece… if at all! 

Sadly, many have faced the horror of that carousel grinding to a halt with no sign of their luggage, or having it show up irreparably damaged.

A solution could be Trackase, described by its maker as an indestructible suitcase equipped with a GPRS tracking system. It’s available via a crowd-funding website, Kickstarter.

Its outer casing is made from a new type of polypropylene that can withstand far more than any reckless baggage handler can put it through. It also has a tracking device that allows the owner to pinpoint its location through an app compatible with Apple and android devices. It can also send a locating SMS text to less tech-equipped travellers.

‘Every aspect of travelling has changed dramatically in the past 30 years, except luggage,’ says Trackase creator Stephen Sacks. ‘As someone who travels constantly with items in my check-in baggage that are crucial for my work, my biggest concern is always whether my gear will arrive at the correct destination and whether it will be undamaged.
This became the inspiration for Trackase.’

Allowing for security procedures in the United States, the Trackase –in small, medium, and large sizes – features a locking mechanism that allows authorities to open the case legally if required without damaging it or having to break the owner’s padlocks.

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