Thursday, 18 December 2014

Ones to watch for 2015?

LOOKING at the major events, trends, and political changes around the world, travel company Cox & Kings picks where will be hot in 2015.

Sri Lanka – Offering excellent value for money and improvements to the infrastructure on the island's east coast, as well as political stability, its popularity looks set to remain. Tourists are looking for somewhere new to discover in the Indian sub-continent and are re-assured by the country's stability. In a relatively small country, there is so much to see. There is a fascinating cultural heritage as well as wildlife, colonial towns, and tropical beaches. 

Vietnam – As tourists are familiar with Thailand and all that it offers, increasing numbers are looking to explore elsewhere in the region, away from the very well-trodden tourist path. Vietnam has an interesting history and culture and is seeing more investment in its infrastructure, with the launch of an additional direct flight from London next summer with Vietnam Airlines. As the trend for experiential holidays continues to develop, cookery schools are growing in popularity with guests wanting to learn how to recreate their favourite dishes.

Colombia – With Latin America set to remain the in vogue place to travel in 2015, travellers are looking to explore lesser known parts of the continent. Still relatively untouched by mass tourism, Colombia is fast becoming popular with adventurous travellers. It is politically much more stable, and there is a diverse mix of sights and scenery to entice visitors.

Oman – From forts and palaces to sand dunes and mountain ranges, Oman is one of the least known destinations in the region and gives visitors a taste of authentic Arabia. Combining breathtaking landscapes with a fascinating culture, Oman has a lot to offer with a relatively short flight time. 

Romania – With seven UNESCO world heritage sites, there is much to explore in Romania, including medieval towns, fortified churches, painted monasteries, and castles. 

It is a less well known part of Europe, but one with enormous potential for cultural tourism. 

The Prince of Wales owns a collection of houses in Transylvania, bought to help to preserve the area's cultural heritage. Available for tourists to stay in, the houses give a unique glimpse into life in an 18th century village.

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Picture Credit: From Top: "Seaside view from Marine Drive, Kolpittey Sri Lanka" by Hash Milhan (Maidstone, Kent, UK) via Wikimedia Commons; "CHUA TIEN CHAU" by Milei.vencel - Own work via Wikimedia Commons; "Wadi Shab (14)". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons; "Kasteel Peles 2006" by Original uploader was Al at nl.wikipedia - Originally from nl.wikipedia via Wikimedia Commons

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