Thursday, 11 December 2014

The guide for healthy flying

OONAGH SHIEL at has tips for staying healthy while travelling:

· When booking flights, select the first flight of the day. The plane is likely to be freshly cleaned. There is less chance of delays and snarl-ups and, depending on the route you’re flying, the plane might not be full.

· If you need jabs, work in enough time for them to build immunity.

· Two to three days before your flight, give your immune system a boost by taking Vitamin C and Echinacea. Drinking green tea can also help.

· To minimize the risk of deep-vein thrombosis (also known as “economy-class syndrome”) pop an aspirin (to thin the blood) the day before a long-haul flight.

· Shelve the suitcase and take a backpack. You’ll be better able to get around the airport.

· Invest in a bottle (100ml or smaller to get through security) of hand sanitizer, especially if you are travelling with small children, and use it liberally.

· Pack your preferred remedies in your carry-on luggage.

· Eat a healthy, vitamin-laden meal before you get on the plane.

· On the flight, direct the overhead cool-air streams away from your face. That’ll avoid having cabin dust and germs blown into your face.

· Drink as much bottled water as you can. Forget about fizzy drinks – they’re full of gas – and tea is a better bet than coffee.

· Don’t drink alcohol. It can dehydrate you, and changes in air pressure causes alcohol to become more potent than when you’re on the ground.

· Get up and walk around the cabin regularly. Stretch when you can.

· Don’t cross your legs. Do some simple exercises, including rotating your heels and wriggling your toes. Use your carry-on luggage as a foot stool to prop up your feet.

· Spritz your face often to keep it moisturized and feeling fresh.

· Sleep, if you can. Not only will it make the flight seem faster, but deep rest will relax and restore you for the rest of your journey.

· Adjust your meal times after a transatlantic flight. Studies have shown that it might help the body recover from jet lag.

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