Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Red Sea diving tips

THE EGYPTIAN TOURISM AUTHORITY has tips to help divers discover the country’s #RedSea treasures:

Ras Mohamed National Park: The most prized spots in this location include Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef which offer divers the chance to see every single species of fish in the Red Sea in one location.

Straits of Tiran – Jackson Reef: Thanks to its strong currents and abundance of nutrients, the coral here is magnificent and attracts a wide range of larger fish including hammerhead, gray, and guitar sharks.

Thistlegorm (Sharm el Sheikh): Many consider this to be the most popular wreck dive in the world. SS Thistlegorm sank in 1941 after being attacked on its way from Glasgow to Alexandria. The ship’s contents which included motorbikes, trucks, and armored cars sit on the bottom of the ocean alongside the wreck itself, complete with the hole from German bomb. Divers can use torches to look inside the wreck and might be lucky enough to spot a rare crocodile fish.

Brother Islands: Divers will need to join a safari boat to experience these spectacular islands and follow in the footsteps of Jacques Costeau. Both Big Brother and Little Brother have a splendid coral and the crystal clear waters, ideal for underwater photography. Highlights are two shipwrecks, the Aida and the Numidia.

Elphinstone (Marsa Alam): Tis drift dive offers the chance to swim with hammerhead and oceanic white tip reef sharks. Tiger sharks and dolphins can also be spotted here making for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Abu Dabbab (Marsa Alam): You are more likely to spot a Sea Turtle and the lesser-known Dugong here than at any of the other dive sites. There are two Dugongs living in Abu Dabbab that receive special protection as they are in danger of extinction.

Dolphins house, Marsa Alam: Just off the coast of Marsa Alam, a pod of spinner dolphin live on this offshore reef. Visitors can dive or even snorkel with these inquisitive creatives.

Carnatic Wreck: One of the oldest wrecks in the Red Sea, it carried crates of wine, some of which are still intact at the bottom of the ocean.

Blue Hole (Dahab): One of the most famous diving locations on the shores of the Red Sea, also known as a hot spot for free diving due to the sea depth and the lack of current.

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