Sunday, 24 July 2016

Up in the air …

BRITISH AIRWAYS customers can now meditate their way to a more relaxing flight – it says here – thanks to an in-flight entertainment channel on the airline’s long-haul routes. The Headspace video channel offers content designed to help travellers unwind in the air, by practicing simple meditation and mindfulness exercises.

Guided by Headspace co-founder, and former monk, Andy Puddicombe, each exercise focuses on a different topic, such as enabling stressed parents and anxious travellers to feel happier and more relaxed, overcoming jet lag or just helping them to get the most from every minute of their journey.

Troy Warfield, British Airways’ director of customer experience, said: ‘We know our customers value making the most of their time on our aircraft and the new Headspace channel on our in-flight entertainment system offers them a fantastic way to make their flight more fulfilling and relaxed. Our partnership with Headspace means their specially curated content offers customers a range of guided meditations to unwind, de-stress, and feel happier and more relaxed, all from the comfort of their aircraft seat, at 35,000 ft.’

SCHEDULED passenger flights between the US and Cuba could resume as early as the autumn. Eight airlines have been tentatively awarded rights to operate a total of 20 daily flights between the US and Havana.

Airlines that won rights include American Airlines Group, Delta, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue, and Southwest Airlines. They will be allowed to operate flights between Havana and Atlanta, Charlotte, N.C., Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa, Fla., Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark, and New York.

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